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“In My Particular Use Case” (or IMPUC) is a series of short posts describing how I setup my personal homelab, what worked, what failed and what techniques I eventually was able to transfer to an academic setting for my PhD work.


This is one of those stories that starts with an ending.

As of January 1st 2020, a new challenge awaits for me, a new life. Because my university/academic journey will be completed. In 2010, I set out on a path that would lead me from a biology bachelor degree to a neuroscience master degree and would culminate in a four years PhD program and result in a thesis and doctorate degree to end the journey with a bang. From there, the world would have been my oyster.

That journey was traveled as planned.


After investing a little over four years in my PhD project, I must end this leg of the trip without achieving its ultimate goal, obtaining the doctorate degree, leaving the past nine years open-ended, unrewarded, uncelebrated.


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